Saturday, January 7, 2017

Somebody to Somebody

Hannah has been talking, but not just her usual chatting around the house.  She's been traveling across Texas speaking to folks who are considering foster care and adoption. Big groups, small groups, individuals - it doesn't matter to her.  If you're willing to listen, she's willing to talk.

This morning we were in Waco. I listened as she shared her story.  I've heard it a hundred times, but this morning she said something she had never said before.

"I just wanted to be somebody to somebody."

I immediately teared up. Isn't this the ache in every heart? Don't we all long to matter to someone?

Thankfully, most of us are surrounded by our people. We have family.  We have friends.  We don't feel alone or unimportant.  Especially at nine years old.

But Hannah didn't have that. She wasn't somebody to somebody.  She felt like a nobody.

I watched a lady on the back row dap her eyes.  I did the same. Hannah never stopped. She moved forward with her story, pleading with these would-be foster or adoptive parents to hang in there when the going got tough. Asking them to be the somebody who made a child in foster care feel like somebody.

I'm in love with this journey - even the parts that make me cry.

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