Friday, July 14, 2017

Every Day is Hard

Have you ever lived through a season and when you looked back at it, you wondered how you even got out of bed in the morning?

I have.

A season where every day is hard. Every hour is hard. Every minute is hard.

All you want to do is go back. The past looks so much better than the future.

Welcome to foster care.

But here's the question: Who has it the hardest?

As foster and/or adoptive parents, we could jump in here and describe the inconveniences and the disruptions and the difficulties we experience.

However, are we the ones who have it the hardest?

I mean, I get it. I really do. These kids add a level of chaos those outside the system will never experience or understand. It's tough. It's loud. It's all day, every day. I've been there. Multiple times.

But aren't we still living in our own houses, surrounded by our people, looking at our stuff?

When the days are long and hard, isn't that still my cat lounging on my living room chair?  Isn't that still my car in the driveway?  Didn't I just respond to a text from my closest friend?

And that answers our question. Who has it the hardest? The kids stuck in the system. Hands down. No contest.

Be sure to remember that, especially on the hardest days.

It's hard for us, there's no denying that, but don't forget that it's hardest for them.

Make sure you view every day with eyes of compassion.  They need you to.

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